Claudia Maier

Experience is ever life's mistress

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
– and I have plenty of it to offer:

After my training to become a banker at a full-service bank, I gained my first experiences during the merger of two banks and actively influenced the redesign and adjustment of business processes at the acquired bank. Later on, I trained further to become a certified banking specialist.

After changing to the sales financing institute and global financial service provider of the Daimler Group, I worked as a manager for many years.

My area of competence comprised a variety of tasks in process and project management.

During these years, Compliance increasingly became my focus due to the cooperation with a globally known, American risk management company. At the time, Corporate Ethics and Compliance were only just beginning in Germany. Therefore, my global assignments with this company to monitor the integrity of different company segments of the Daimler Group were an influential and educational experience.

When I look back, I can see that my extensive work in different teams in Germany and abroad, as team leader and team member, were an ideal preparation for my freelancing work as a consultant.

After 35 years at work, I took a sabbatical for one year and travelled extensively to other countries and cultures, which inspired me to set up my own company.

And in order to remain life's mistress by adding experience, I am looking forward to your projects and challenges!