Compliance - man with field glasses, woman with compass

I would rather lose money than trust.

Robert Bosch
Especially at times of globalisation, compliance with codes of conduct, national laws and guidelines is becoming ever more important. Compliance is much more than just a legal task and as a cross-sectional issue affects almost all departments and functions in a company.

Many questions are centred on this group of topics:

  • Are processes really in line with existing internal and external requirements?
  • Are your employees able to address any questions that may occur in a targeted manner and receive clear responses?
  • And what about cooperation with your business partners?
  • Do you really have clarity and transparency over whether rules are applied in all of your business areas?

First steps include analysing legal requirements / guidelines, checking the impact on operations and at times communicating with employees. Normally, this is done by the legal department or external solicitors.

Then, I as the external consultant take over the introduction and monitoring of your compliance measures:

As an experienced practitioner with process competence and knowledge of business management, I support you in implementing the requirements in the business processes of your individual departments. I work constructively with legal specialists and departments in order to accompany the implementation in the organisation. I also incorporate any changes in training documents and hold training sessions.

One further key component of your effective compliance culture is observing current operations for regular evaluations and monitoring. Using tests and interviews with employees, I examine the understanding and implementation of compliance and ethics. Any documentation that I create as a result of this work contains a catalogue of measures for further management implementation.

Travel safely through all waters with my support.