Processes - sailboat and crew

Every process is more than the sum of its activities

William Edwards Deming
Independently of its size, every company consists of many procedures and processes. At the same time, outside the company, customer behaviour and markets change ever more quickly, and companies must keep up, or even: sail ahead in order to ideally proactively design their own processes – with regard to quality, time and costs.

To ensure smooth processes, individual procedures should ideally interact perfectly. My aim is to ensure optimal transitions, especially at interfaces and bring together individual processes as best as possible.

A few words about my approach:

Once we have jointly agreed where action is required, I advise you on how to design or change your business processes. Together, we make your company processes more transparent and find their weaknesses and potential for improvement.

Then, we derive process targets, and in a team, develop the ideal target process and define new standards.

I support you in analysing, redesigning and documenting your processes and can draw on my expert know-how and varied knowledge from experience in process management.

As such, I accompany you on your path to implement optimal business processes – not just as a process consultant but also as a well-versed subject matter expert.

The result:

You provide top quality services and in the shortest time possible. These optimisations radiate inwards and outwards. Outwards by increasing customer satisfaction, and inwards by increasing company efficiency. Both together sustainably increase your profits. And: They enable you to improve your position with regard to your competitors.