Projects - three yachts compete in team sailing event

We cannot change the wind but we can adjust the sails

Every organisation, every company must continuously improve further in order to stay successful. Every change to its framework conditions, such as its market, customers or costs, require a response.
No development project is the same as another. Stakeholders, contents, duration, team composition and project targets always differ. Every project is unique!

When planning and carrying out projects, employees from the line organisation are often included in the project and sometimes completely seconded from their original department.
But that alone is usually not enough to successfully realise a project, and specific outside expert competences are needed. Often, project peaks must also be covered by outside staff.

That's where I join the crew:

I have worked on different projects in Germany and abroad, and in highly varied roles, for many years.

As a project manager, I can optimally use the broad experiences that I have gained. My ability to see the whole picture allows me to work well even under time pressure. My communication skills support a high level of achievement of the project target.

In IT projects, I support you in setting up business requirement documentation. I record the requirements of the specialist department precisely and in detail. Transitions of topics that border on each other are developed explicitly in order to ensure a smooth transfer of information.

I am also pleased to develop the test concept for you. In this guideline I include the different system environments, test strategies and test targets to ensure a successful test execution. Once the business requirements have been implemented, I as the test manager can prove my structured work procedures and organisational skills.

As the owner of the interface function between IT and the specialist department, I apply my extensive social competence to improve interaction with all concerned and, using my expert knowledge, enhance constructive dialogue and exchange of information between departments.

In order ensure that the product or system is successfully introduced to your employees, I transform your business requirements to the new software into user-specific training concepts.

Benefit from my extensive experience to plan and implement your project.